Affordable consumer credit isn’t rocket science, it’s 

Consumer Lending as a Service

Elemental offers payroll advance and unsecured consumer lending tools to financial institutions and enterprise clients through our SaaS open credit platform.

We allow employees, contractors and gig economy workers to immediately access some or all of their next paycheck at affordable cost.

Financial wellness tools for the workforce.

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Providing Financial Security

Elemental provides the credit and financial lifeline employees need to gain quick access to earned wages and credit they otherwise would not receive to meet daily demands and lifestyle needs.

We address the key problem of short-term cash needs for all workers while allowing them to build their creditworthiness and available overdraft.

Did You Know?

Unlocking consumer loans, one marketplace at a time.

Payroll Streaming

Instant Payroll Advances allow workers to request a portion or all of their salary at any location, at their own discretion and at cheaper rates.

Compliance Tools​

Full banking and compliance stack to customize your settings and access to comprehensive reports for compliant by design product offerings.

Smart Overdraft

Our smartphone collateralized loans allow all smartphone users to request loans based on the current value of their smartphone.

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