Enabling Instant Payroll Advances for the Entire Workforce

PayMachine is an enterprise white label SaaS platform which enables employees, contractors and gig economy workers to take pay advances or loans from their employer based on a discretionary allowance. Repayments are automated during the regular pay cycle of the business, creating seamless and affordable advance payroll processing.

Defaults and late payments are eliminated as all repayments are deducted from the employee’s next pay cycle.

How it Works


Benefits to Employees

  • Flexibility to meet daily financial needs
  • Build credit limits with usage
  • Up to 10x cheaper than payday lenders
  • Streamlined and discrete loan request process

Benefits to Employers

  • Decrease turnover by up to 40%
  • Create zero cost workforce incentives
  • No change to existing payroll process
  • Reduce workforce financial anxiety
  • Insight into workforce financial wellness

Benefits to Lenders

  • Access to new consumer lending markets
  • Unmatched credit analysis tools
  • High risk-adjusted returns
  • New revenues
  • Reduced overheads

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