PayMachine welcomes blockchain based oil and gas company, Octaneum, as its first partner

Dallas, Texas, USA, August 10, 2018 — BaseTwo Ventures, a blockchain venture firm, announced today that its payroll platform, PayMachine, has secured its first major client. PayMachine has entered into a partnership with Octaneum, a blockchain oil and gas company.

The aim of the partnership is to apply PayMachine’s real time data network and payment platform to providing instant payroll functionality.

PayMachine is a secure micro-payments platform revolutionizing the way workers get paid using distributed ledger technology; we look forward to bringing real-time payment efficiency to the oil and gas industry,” revealed Founder of BaseTwo, Oliver Gale.Johnny King, CEO of Octaneum, stated that the company was “…very excited to include such an innovative technology in our set of solutions. PayMachine solves a real pain point throughout the oil and gas supply chain of workers being paid in a timely manner, but in addition, it creates a serious edge for our clients who are looking for new ways to attract labor in an extremely competitive market.

”Crowd Machine, a decentralized computational network which enables companies to create decentralized apps and contracts is PayMachine’s collaborative partner in this venture.

Thinking outside of the box is what we do best. We look forward to getting this app to market to the benefit of its users,” stated Craig Sproule, Founder and CEO, Crowd Machine.PayMachine’s CEO is co-founder Chris Sahliyeh. Sahliyeh is a former private equity executive with knowledge of the payroll space having helped take a PEO company public last year.

Bringing Octaneum on as a client is the first of many announcements we are making. We are rapidly approaching double digit clients in various industry verticals and will be mentioning them in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned — this will be groundbreaking,” Sahliyeh revealed.

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